Sunday, 6 October 2013

Detech 8" Mono

Well this 8" coil is still amazing us,

Marianne hijacked the coil from me today and put it through its paces, and picked up 5 nuggets from an area we've both been working for years these nuggets should not have been there, or so we thought.

These nuggets were all dug at reasonable depth as seen in the photo.

This will be a great coil which will enable some colour for the day, if there is small gold around this coil will sniff it out!

The larger target on the coil is a small sprocket or gear I would think from an old time peace.

Another happy customer,always a great day when you find gold, even more satisfying when you thought it was all gone.

Regards Stinky

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

I've finally done it

Well this new 8 " round mono is truly amazing I've broken my record,
And managed to pull the smallest nugget I've ever detected.

Yep that's  right , your not seeing things it weighs a mere .026 of a gram.
Any one can find big gold,I'm sure the old timers would have been proud of this effort .

This new coil is so smooth and quiet in operation not to mention sensitive.

The new coil is listed on the website and now available.

Regards Stinky

Friday, 20 September 2013

Product testing

Well times have been busy with so many new and exciting products to test.
Testing of the new 18" mono open design coil as pictured above, has been very successful, resulting in recent listing on our site, This coil is still sensitive to sub gram nuggets and packs a punch on depth.

Totally new to Detech is the 8" mono show below, strong mount and robust construction, to handle the knocks and bumps when working an area hard to clean up those small nuggets left by others.

This coil will be listed very shortly and will be priced favorably to compete.

We've also been testing the Detech EDS Winner & the EDS Plus 2. Both of these are VLF machines.
Which have proven to be great contenders in this part of the market. The Winner is full auto ground balance , a true switch on and go machine, complete with nugget hunting settings and discrimination for coin shooting.
The EDS Plus 2 has manual ground balance in all metal mode, and an auto mode as well.
Managed to pick up 2 small speci's while testing.

Both of these machine will be listed on our web site soon,

Well stay tuned as Detech still have more new coils to come, a new mid sized elliptical mono  , and a large elliptical Mono.

Regards Stinky

Monday, 5 August 2013

Detech 15 x 8 Mono

Well had a chance to reacquaint my self with the 15 x 8 Mono , after some testing of other coils over the last few weeks.

With great reliable results and we still have more new coils to be added to the Detech line which suit the GPX,GP,SD, range of machines.

The 15 x8 Mono would still have to be one of the favourite coils to use great sensitivity and manoeuvrability .

These were a couple of finds for the day the smallest nugget is •05 of a gram the other was •15 of a gram both coming from some old workings.

The other items are buttons which still have some gold plating visible.

Nice historical items.

Stay tuned will soon be testing Detech VLF machines in the field.

Regards Stinky

Monday, 15 July 2013

Detecting trashy areas using Detech SEF

I found an area a couple of weeks ago and picked up a couple of small nuggets.
But the iron trash in the area was enough to make me walk away, it drove me nuts and some of the targets were deep and you have to dig until they're exposed.

This last weekend, I decided to give the SEF DD 15x12 coil a go, so back to the trashy area I went.
I set the machine up in soil timing normal, coil DD and iron reject set , and my day began.

The machine and coil were doing what they should with rejecting the iron.  For the first hour or  two I checked the targets, so I could see how reliable these setting were.  All targets that were rejected were iron, some targets needed to be exposed a little, allowing the iron reject to work, some small boot tacks fooled the GPX until they were in the scoop.

I was still picking up lead shot as a clear signal which gave the confidence that small nuggets would not be missed.

Nice feeling walking away from junk targets, some holes were still dug down until the reject took over.
Way better to dig a 300 mm hole than a 600mm hole!!!

So much of the trash was just beneath the surface.

The gold was there, I managed to pick up some small nuggets around .2 of a gram each.
Then the nugget in the photo, a nice 3 grammer came along, it was a loud clear signal , I'm sure it was left there, because it could easily have been mistaken for trash with a mono coil.

Great day out!  I'll certainly be doing more in the future with the SEF coil.   So easy to pin point with as well, not to mention the depth from this coil is impressive, also quiet and stable over this mineralized ground even running in normal timings and still sensitive enough to pick up the small ones.

I've got more areas in mind for this coil.....

Regards Stinky

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Depth testing the 16.5 & 18 Detech closed design Mono coils

We took both coils out to the local test patch with some targets of known weight,
This area has high mineral content and would make it near impossible to run in Normal soil timing, without constantly rebalancing.

The targets selected were a 15 gram muscat ball, 31.6 gram muscat ball and a 13 oz lead target.
Both coils were run through the various soil timings, the best of these on this ground were, Enhance,
Fine Gold, & Sensitive Smooth.

If you could live with the speratic ground noise, these targets all boomed in normal, but this would surely drive you mad!

The 15 gram target was easily seen at the 300 mm depth with all three timings, the best and most positive response coming from Enhance, and Fine Gold.

It was a no brainier with the 31.6 gram target at 300mm. Tried this target at 600 with no response.

With the 13 oz target in place at 600 both coils could easerly see it in all of the above mentioned soil timings. Enhance and Fine Gold were the best again, providing great stability over the surrounding ground.

I was able to lift the coil approx 150 above the ground and still a positive response.

That's a deep hole to dig!

The only other test hole was at 1200 mm. This was well out of range for this size target.

All positive results with these coils, I just need to get out there and swing them over the ground.

Regards Stinky

Saturday, 29 June 2013

New 18" and 16.5" Mono

Off, out into the gold fields today to test the new closed design Mono coils 18" & 16.5".

Both of these coils performed faultlessly, running in Fine Gold, and Enhance.
Looked for some deep ground on areas previously detected.

These coils were both happy to be skidded on the ground, not suffering from bump at all,
And I deliberately looked for rocks and scrub to try them out.

These coils tested very sensitive to small gold.
I surprised myself with a 1 grammer, taken from about 160 mm!

Continued on covering some new ground. Both coils were easily ground balanced and running in fixed.
The occasional re balance over some patches of highly mineralized ground and then off again

Excellent stability, only needing to chase the manual tune up or down 1 or 2 numbers to settle the odd case of EMI.

Ended up with 97 grams of lead shot and muscat balls for the day!  Plenty of targets dug. Pity they weren't all gold.  :(
The largest muscat ball was 31.6 grams and the smallest shot was .3 all coming from varying depths

All in all, a great day and plenty of confidence with the new additions to the Detech range.

And I managed to pick up some nice test targets what a range of lead!!!
We will be doing some more testing at the test bed, where we can test known targets at set depths.

Stay tuned.

Regards Stinky

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Testing Coils

Hi guys

Have been doing some testing of a range of Detech coils .
At a test area which provides easy testing of various size targets at different specified depths.

This area is set up with horizontally bored holes into the mineralized soil.
The best surprise came from the performance of the SEF. DD coils.

These coils were able to run in normal timing over this ground  very quietly, compared to mono coils which were noisy over patches of mineralization, which would drive you mad constantly balancing.

Mono coils had to be ran in special or enhance,to enable them to run quietly.

We were using a 13 oz target at 600 mm, it was hard to pick this out with a Mono but the SEF coil
Was a booming Dig Me signal.

Interesting what have we been walking over it makes you think.

Regards Stinky

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Back to Victoria and the cold

Well back at Daisy Hill
Wow what a change in climate.

Still extracting spinifex from hands legs and other unmentionable areas youch.

Have been doing some interesting trials with the Detech SEF coils comparisons against the mono coils.

Stay tuned for some interesting finds.

Regards Stinky

Monday, 27 May 2013

Gold won in the NT with Detech coils

Well on my way back to the Victorian Gold fields now.
I managed some nice nuggets from some very interesting surrounds and varying ground conditions as did the others with me using the Detech coils.
Gold coming from heavily worked areas and also from undetected ground.
Challenging, interesting and rewarding fruits from our labour.

Regards Stinky 

Sunday, 26 May 2013

The dangers of prospecting in the NT

Well the conditions can be harsh out there in the field,
And I now know why kangaroos can jump so high, you try bending down in amongst the spinafex
to sort through your tailings and cop one of those bushes in your tail!!!  Yahoo :)

All I can think is the gator manufactures need to come up with a tail wrap.
Or maybe Kevlar strides would be the go?

Friday, 24 May 2013

A good day in the office in the NT

A cool day out in the field after a couple of hot humid days especially for us who live south of the border.
The day started out slow and steady and ended up with a rush.
Detech coils performing excellently picking up some deep targets.

The scenery on the trip back in just makes it so much more enjoyable.

The wonders of nature.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

The search continues in the Territory

Busy day hitting sites with potential, plenty of walking and swinging the machines, in the hope of that mellow dig me signal.

Visited some interesting old sites to see some of the old machinery that was used to process the hard earned ore.

And finished the day with some colour.

Regards Stinky

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another day in the Territory

Well the day didn't go to plan plenty of man hours on the ground for very little colour.
Plenty of research done and back out there tomorrow, in the hope of something special.

Talking of something special this should brighten up your day,the desert rose in full bloom.
The scenery out here is something else.

Regards Stinky

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Some Wonders of the Territory

You've got to love this county we live in, the scenery out here is fantastic!
Wild animals, Donkeys and the odd king brown snake or 2!

Not to mention some nice nuggets won over each day, in the heat and extreme ground conditions.

Have been testing prototype coils, still with great results.  We've got 11 different coils up here and nearly all have found gold of varying sizes and depths.

Hope tomorrow is a little cooler, as I'm starting to look like one of the locals.  Albeit with stripey legs.

Regards Stinky

Below, Bill hard at work!

Monday, 20 May 2013

Gold thief in the NT

Well this is a funny one that you just wish you had your video running.
While detecting today using the 18 Mono to cover some open ground, I thought I'd just drop a .2 gram nugget on the ground and see how sensitive the large coil was.
To my amazement when I'd turned the machine back on and looked down to where the nugget was, there was this little black ant with the nugget in he's little nipper things and he was high tailing it out of there.

I'd hate to think how many nuggets I've pulled from ant nests and always wondered was it just coincidence . May be not.  

Regards Stinky

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Northern Territory

Well here we are day three and we've had the whole crew using Detech coils
With plenty of positive feed back, and all of them finding gold. We've had the opportunity to test some new prototype coils with good results, looks promising for some new coils in the range soon.
Very light with plenty of punch.

Thursday, 16 May 2013

Northern Teritory

Well finally got out there to give the Detech coils a good run over some promising ground only the first day of the trip.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

NT gold

Hi guys it's getting close now, off to the NT to swing a range of Detech coils over the ground.
In the hope some nice colour.

Regards Stinky

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Welcome to Detech Metal Detectors Australia!

Welcome to our visitors at the new Australian face of Detech Metal Detectors.

Please make contact with me (Stinky) and tell me of your adventures wherever you are in the world.

I will add stories of my travels and adventures, whilst exploring this great continent, in the search of the mighty yellow nuggets!

I'm heading to the Northern Territory soon and in the process of getting organised.  I will take lots of photos and videos, using the Detech coils for your interest.

Keep in touch!