Monday, 15 July 2013

Detecting trashy areas using Detech SEF

I found an area a couple of weeks ago and picked up a couple of small nuggets.
But the iron trash in the area was enough to make me walk away, it drove me nuts and some of the targets were deep and you have to dig until they're exposed.

This last weekend, I decided to give the SEF DD 15x12 coil a go, so back to the trashy area I went.
I set the machine up in soil timing normal, coil DD and iron reject set , and my day began.

The machine and coil were doing what they should with rejecting the iron.  For the first hour or  two I checked the targets, so I could see how reliable these setting were.  All targets that were rejected were iron, some targets needed to be exposed a little, allowing the iron reject to work, some small boot tacks fooled the GPX until they were in the scoop.

I was still picking up lead shot as a clear signal which gave the confidence that small nuggets would not be missed.

Nice feeling walking away from junk targets, some holes were still dug down until the reject took over.
Way better to dig a 300 mm hole than a 600mm hole!!!

So much of the trash was just beneath the surface.

The gold was there, I managed to pick up some small nuggets around .2 of a gram each.
Then the nugget in the photo, a nice 3 grammer came along, it was a loud clear signal , I'm sure it was left there, because it could easily have been mistaken for trash with a mono coil.

Great day out!  I'll certainly be doing more in the future with the SEF coil.   So easy to pin point with as well, not to mention the depth from this coil is impressive, also quiet and stable over this mineralized ground even running in normal timings and still sensitive enough to pick up the small ones.

I've got more areas in mind for this coil.....

Regards Stinky

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