Saturday, 4 October 2014

Happy Customer

I had a customer turn up today and purchased a 15x12 mono

We chatted for a while then Barry said he was going straight out to test his new coil.

@ 11.30 I got a call from Barry, 

"I've got a target, I'm down a foot and it's still in the ground".

I raced out as Barry was only 2 Km from home, he was waiting, so I could wave a coil over the target whilst it was still in the ground.

The target was close, as the Minelab probe was able to pick it up no problems.

1 more blow with the pick and she was out of the hole.

Oh happy days 

Needless to say, Barry was very happy with his purchase, as it was paid for on his first outing within 2 hours - he found two pieces !

Nice Dig Barry 7.2 grams @ about 13 inches.

That's a great feeling when you've dug through the wash, into the clay and the target is still in the ground!

Another satasfied customer.

Great work Barry

Regards Stinky