Monday, 5 August 2013

Detech 15 x 8 Mono

Well had a chance to reacquaint my self with the 15 x 8 Mono , after some testing of other coils over the last few weeks.

With great reliable results and we still have more new coils to be added to the Detech line which suit the GPX,GP,SD, range of machines.

The 15 x8 Mono would still have to be one of the favourite coils to use great sensitivity and manoeuvrability .

These were a couple of finds for the day the smallest nugget is •05 of a gram the other was •15 of a gram both coming from some old workings.

The other items are buttons which still have some gold plating visible.

Nice historical items.

Stay tuned will soon be testing Detech VLF machines in the field.

Regards Stinky