Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Testing Coils

Hi guys

Have been doing some testing of a range of Detech coils .
At a test area which provides easy testing of various size targets at different specified depths.

This area is set up with horizontally bored holes into the mineralized soil.
The best surprise came from the performance of the SEF. DD coils.

These coils were able to run in normal timing over this ground  very quietly, compared to mono coils which were noisy over patches of mineralization, which would drive you mad constantly balancing.

Mono coils had to be ran in special or enhance,to enable them to run quietly.

We were using a 13 oz target at 600 mm, it was hard to pick this out with a Mono but the SEF coil
Was a booming Dig Me signal.

Interesting what have we been walking over it makes you think.

Regards Stinky

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