Saturday, 26 April 2014

Testing 18x12 open Mono

Well it's been extremely busy with new coils being added to the already comprehensive Detech range.

The latest additions being the 15x10 & 18x12 open mono elliptical coils.

                                                        "15x10 open Mono"

Today I got to spend some more time swininging the 18x12 coil. Very smooth running coil,
Great coil for covering large areas, even running this coil over ground strew with sticks I didn't    encounter too many snags.

This coil is light enough to swing all day coming in at 900 grams and the smaller coil hitting the scales at 770 grams both complete with skid plates.

Managed to snag a nice 4.1 gram nugget at approx 120 mm, and then later picked up a .7 gram nugget at 100mm, very stable and rugged coil , bump was not an issue with this coil.

We've also added a 15x8 closed DD coil for use on the older machines, and for those who want a DD coil too handle hot ground,  Use your iron reject and detect trashy areas, that others steer clear of.

Our 6" & 8" monos are gathering momentum , with some great feed back regarding these coils.

More testing of prototypes to come in the next few months.

Happy hunting

Regards Stinky