Monday, 15 June 2015

The Hunt

After a couple of days with no colour from close to camp.
Slavi and I decided to don all our gear and go out and investigate all the near by breakaways. 

Climbing to the top of the ridges gave us a great view of the surrounds. Looking for certain differences and places to hunt .

After a10 klm walk we were on our way back to camp fairly exhausted.

Detectors on our shoulders we walked onto an area with heaps of green stone with a spattering of quartz & Iron stone.

I decided to have a quick swing, about 2,3 paces in bang there it was,

This was the start of our patch.

Before we headed back to camp I'd picked up 10 grams and Slavi had 6 grams

The detectors felt light on our shoulders on the walk back.
We discussed our finds with others in camp and settled in for the night 

Absolutely champing at the bit for the next day.

Regards Stinky