Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Depth testing the 16.5 & 18 Detech closed design Mono coils

We took both coils out to the local test patch with some targets of known weight,
This area has high mineral content and would make it near impossible to run in Normal soil timing, without constantly rebalancing.

The targets selected were a 15 gram muscat ball, 31.6 gram muscat ball and a 13 oz lead target.
Both coils were run through the various soil timings, the best of these on this ground were, Enhance,
Fine Gold, & Sensitive Smooth.

If you could live with the speratic ground noise, these targets all boomed in normal, but this would surely drive you mad!

The 15 gram target was easily seen at the 300 mm depth with all three timings, the best and most positive response coming from Enhance, and Fine Gold.

It was a no brainier with the 31.6 gram target at 300mm. Tried this target at 600 with no response.

With the 13 oz target in place at 600 both coils could easerly see it in all of the above mentioned soil timings. Enhance and Fine Gold were the best again, providing great stability over the surrounding ground.

I was able to lift the coil approx 150 above the ground and still a positive response.

That's a deep hole to dig!

The only other test hole was at 1200 mm. This was well out of range for this size target.

All positive results with these coils, I just need to get out there and swing them over the ground.

Regards Stinky

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