Saturday, 29 June 2013

New 18" and 16.5" Mono

Off, out into the gold fields today to test the new closed design Mono coils 18" & 16.5".

Both of these coils performed faultlessly, running in Fine Gold, and Enhance.
Looked for some deep ground on areas previously detected.

These coils were both happy to be skidded on the ground, not suffering from bump at all,
And I deliberately looked for rocks and scrub to try them out.

These coils tested very sensitive to small gold.
I surprised myself with a 1 grammer, taken from about 160 mm!

Continued on covering some new ground. Both coils were easily ground balanced and running in fixed.
The occasional re balance over some patches of highly mineralized ground and then off again

Excellent stability, only needing to chase the manual tune up or down 1 or 2 numbers to settle the odd case of EMI.

Ended up with 97 grams of lead shot and muscat balls for the day!  Plenty of targets dug. Pity they weren't all gold.  :(
The largest muscat ball was 31.6 grams and the smallest shot was .3 all coming from varying depths

All in all, a great day and plenty of confidence with the new additions to the Detech range.

And I managed to pick up some nice test targets what a range of lead!!!
We will be doing some more testing at the test bed, where we can test known targets at set depths.

Stay tuned.

Regards Stinky

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