Sunday, 28 February 2016

Ultra Sensing Monos

A great day out with the new coils
Picked up a 2.5 gram nugget @ 300 mm
With the 11 prototype 

Then moved onto searching deeper ground with the 14 Ultra sensing mono
Picked up a couple of nuggets which were down through the wash and into the clay

Then the slightest break in the threshold
After a great dig of 400 mm out popped this nice 10 gram nugget

That's exciting stuff these coils are running very sweet on the 5000 & the 4500

After a clean

The 11 Ultra Sensing Mono will be here for release soon 

Regards Pete 

Thursday, 25 February 2016


Out testing the new prototype 11 Ultra Mono chasing small gold and doing pretty well with small targets a great depth


This monster turned up what a pleasant surprise,

Great dig down into the hillside wash 
And it was still in the hole.

At 250-300 mm it was out of the hole second scoop it was in my hand

Nice nugget 60 grams

What a day stay tuned for the release of the 11 Ultra Mono

Regards Pete