Monday, 12 January 2015

New Detech EDS Gold Catcher

I had the opportunity yesterday to test the new VLF  EDS Gold Catcher from DETECH .

Headed out to a spot that I knew, which had produced small nuggets in the past this area would also give me a good indication of how this new machine would handle our mineralization .

Chose to hunt with the 6" DD so I could poke around the reef.  Balancing the machine is a relatively easy task.

A little chatter from the machine as we have come to expect from VLF. But I was pleasantly surprised with the smooth operation.

After picking up many small pieces of lead shot finally got a signal that was deeper than the top soil.

50 mm down and I extracted a nice little nugget of .76 gram.

The machine is very sensitive to small targets running at 28 kHz .

Will be spending more time with this machine in the next few weeks.

Stay tuned for pricing on this machine comes complete with rechargeable battery system , 6" & 10" round search coils.

Regards Stinky