Monday, 7 March 2016

Great day out with the 15 Ultimate Spiral DD

Chasing over ground I have been pumping the last couple of weeks

I've chucked mono coils 11, 14 Ultra  & 18 mono.
Knowing some of the recent targets have been deep, I decided to use the 15 Ultimate DD Spiral .

Amazed at the depth and also the fact that these nuggets were still there.
1.5 gram was @ 350 the 5 gram was @ approx 400 mm

Also the sensitivity to smaller nuggets as well.

Still some more work to do with this cool

I've been running this coil on the GPX 4500 

Impressed with the new machine.

Regards Pete


  1. Pete: Interesting coil!
    For many decades I've been using the old Coiltek 18" DD as a final deep search over ground I've covered thoroughly with monoloops, and have found many deeper, larger pieces as a result.
    I may be spilling my detecting secrets here but, if ground conditions allow (and they sometimes don't - too mineralised) I use "sharp" timing for this, as it has the second deepest ground penetration of the GPX series.
    My question is:
    Do you think this coil would play a similar role and can it also be operated in "sharp" timing? (GPX5000)

    Thanks! James Beatty

  2. I bought the ultimate DD coil and tried it out 4 months later I still haven't been able to get it quieter enough to recognise a target. It I just too noisy. I have had several people have a look at the settings but it makes no difference I use GPX 5000 .at Clermont now same help edd