Sunday, 27 July 2014

New 8"DD. Coil

Well after requesting a prototype 8DD,
It has arrived and man what a coil!!!

This coil will put someone life back into the older minelab machines.  The coil has proven to be extremely sensitive to small gold and ultra stable over the ground .

Managed to snag this 1.6 grammer on the first outing.

Further testing has proven this coil a real contender when hunting small gold. 

Still allows the use of discrimination, very stable and quiet near electrical interference.

Turn your older machine into a small gold weapon!

All my testing was done on a GP3000 and was proving as sensitive as a GPX running 8" mono.

Should have stock of this coil soon.
Order now if you want to add this coil to your arsenal!

Regards Stinky

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